Born and brought up in Taiwan, Shuya Cheng now lives in Bath, UK. A self-taught artist having begun her journey working in the fashion industry, Shuya spent time as a graphic designer before experimenting with abstract form in a variety of mediums.

Shuya divides her time in her studio between using her sewing machine to explore patterns, shapes and structures found in the world around us through free hand embroidery and creating abstract paintings, primarily in acrylic but utilising a wide range of techniques and multi-media. Her inspiration comes from both Western and Eastern culture. The themes in her work vary but are rooted in her upbringing, culture and the transitions, personal and geographical, that she has experienced.

About her embroidery work

The patterns and textures of both the natural and man-made world inspire Shuya Cheng’s delicate free hand machine embroideries, which are elegantly suspended in shadowboxes. These physical phenomena become absorbing abstract studies – with each piece of work consisting of thousands of tiny stitches interlinked to capture the form and essence of structures that are often overlooked by the every day observer. 


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