Abstract Paintings

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Why are you here?      img016      rF18xOQ8Ux-PotfL35vKJVjcjqlIlhnGDsvBGywScXFMv8snEvc9w_ZMBhCPNyDJGdvelZTR2RqodNzWC44iQyb4z4YFIDqReRZ4qEuuewualb4fXvcfIA0HaAyTqHiDMov2Ihw97Lq5MMi_4R8VH5Cphf_kytPEM1cb-LzXYMLNBJdXnKR7sFAwkV      image

Encounter      Melody      Study #3      Voyage

Alone      Sing Along      Elements      Vibrant

Abandoned      Phenomenon      Horizons      Study #2

Urban      Bird #3      From On High      Study #1

Play Along      Reborn      Myth      Wander

Below Zero             Bird #1                      Bird #2                        Untitled 17-14-55




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